2019 Grand Marshals

LGBT Female Grand Marshal: Anna Nguyen 

Anna is a transgender woman and an activist for LGBTQiA+ and human rights causes. She is PFLAG Austin’s Vice President of Operations, serving on its board since 2016. “It is such an honor to be 2019 Austin Pride Parade’s LGBT Female Grand Marshal!” Anna says. “It is a privilege to be a face of Austin LGBTQiA+. This energizes me even more in my continuing effort to advance the rights and well-being of the LGBTQiA+ community!”

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LGBT Male Grand Marshal: Mark Erwin

Mark is a veteran troublemaker in Austin. His passion for disrupting and maturing organizations with a social purpose has drawn him into many causes and he often works late at night on them. He is constantly re-evaluating his place in the world and the duties that we all should fulfill in order to be fulfilled.

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Ally Grand Marshal: Joy L. Butler

Joy L. Butler’s pronouns are she/hers. Joy is an advocate and activist who has lived in Texas for twenty years with her family. As a fourth generation Methodist claiming her faith’s social justice roots, her decade of work opening hearts, minds, and doors in congregations in Texas and beyond has gained national recognition.

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