COVID-19 Announcements

Covid-19 is not the first pandemic our community has faced. While Austin Pride has no way to predict how things will unfold in this rapidly changing situation, we do know WE ARE FAMILY. Many in our community are already feeling the immediate effects of loss of work and income and a more stable social network. We encourage you to help where you can; check on your friends, drop by a dinner or gift card if you are able. Call, text, FaceTime. Show how much love our Family, our Community is made of. Stay safe, much love. – The Austin Pride Foundation

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Latest Pride News

Happy Austin Pride Month!

One of our great joys in life is celebrating Austin Pride with all of you. This year, our 30th anniversary, we are unable to do so. But that should never stop us from celebrating...
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Postponing the Celebration Until 2021

Dear Family, When the COVID-19 pandemic came to Austin in March, it brought with it unprecedented uncertainty not only for our city, but also for our community. There has been much loss. Lost jobs, lost...
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